Nancy Lopez - Fitzgerald

Resistor - Objective

A Resistor is a device which is designed for resistance to the passage of an electric current. Resistor's are mainly used for electrical components to help control the current in a circuit. Which is very useful it helps things from getting damaged / destroyed meaning it protects it.

Functions for a Resistor.

The function for this particular device is very important it's used as a heating element and we all use it for many different things such as toasters, heaters, electric stoves or in my case flat iron, hair dryer, curl iron. This is something very useful to us humans and we would probably not be able to live without it because that's how we get warm when we're cold or how we cook when we're hungry or just a device that helps us feel pretty. For some who didn't know either is that resistors are even used in our cars too!

Symbols for Resistor.

The unit for resistor is in Ohms - (the Greek letter Ω - called Omega).

Higher resistance values would be represented as "k" & "M"

This are really useful specially in Mr.Fitzgerald's class! ( Just saying.)

This symbols can make your life easier if you understand them and what they stand for. The most common schematic symbol for a resistor is a zig-zag line.

What is a resistor?

Resistor Fun Facts.

They each play an important role in how an electronic circuit behaves.

They also both have their own symbol and unit measurement fo sho.

A resistor is an electrical component thats main purpose is to resist electricity.

The value of a resistor is measured in Ohm's, named after the German scientists Georg Simon Ohm.