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Types of Men’s Formal Shoes Every Shoe-Enthusiast Should be Aware of

Have a formal occasion and have no idea what to wear on your feet? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Given below is a comprehensive guide to the types of formal footwear for men. If you are unaware of any type, you can easily find it here. So, start reading and get to know everything regarding formal shoe types in no time.

What Defines a Formal Shoe?

When we say ‘formal’, it implies things related to any type of formal event or occasion. When it comes to shoes, a pair formal shoe is the one that is worn for office, business meeting, wedding and more.

Well, not every formal shoe will go well with every formal outfit. Reason – every guy has his own personal style and therefore, will like to compliment his attire with the kind of shoe he loves. For example – you may not be a loafer shoe kind of guy. Or maybe you can’t stand boat shoes. The bottom line here is that you should pick formal shoe styles that match your personality and taste.

Types of Formal Shoes:

1) Boat Shoes:
Strictly functional, these formal shoes look best with khakis or chinos. Despite possessing a more casual look than the formal, these shoes are great for office evenings and parties. Made of leather with a rubber sole, their maritime heritage says that they perfectly go with nautical patterns and colors.

2) Loafers:
This is a kind of shoe that holds the capability to be dressed down with casuals but looks best when paired up with formal clothes. With the least effort to put them on, the loafers are incredibly stylish and chic. Made of leather or suede, the most common variations of this formal shoe are the Tassel and Penny loafer.

The Tassel Loafer:
This formal footwear looks best when paired up with light colored chinos or trousers. Something that’s perfect for summer months.

The Penny Loafer:
This suede loafer is perfect for high profile office and business meetings.

3) Brogues: These types of formal shoes are usually worn with a suit. Besides this, they look great with denims. Made of classic leather or suede, the brogues come in boot and shoe varieties as well as Derby and Oxford styles.

The Derby:
This kind of brogue style features open laces with eyelet tabs that are sewn on the upper top. And for this reason, this shoe is considered to be a bit less formal as compared to oxfords.

The Oxford: The Oxford brogue features closed laces with eyelet tabs that are sewn on the top of the uppers. Often double soled and double stitched with perforated wingtip details, this type of brogue looks smart with dark colored denims.

4) Chelsea Boots: Being one of the most versatile formal styles out there, chelsea boots are made from suede or leather and look completely perfect with a sharp, tailored suit.

5) Desert Boots: Typically made of suede, desert boots are generally worn with jeans. Reason – they are usually regarded as casual shoes.

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