The God's Point of View

Made By: Clare S and Molly R

All About Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the goddess of love. She's married, and she has a boyfriend. She's not found of the man she married. Her symbols are the Dove, Sparrow, Swan, and Myrlte. She may or may not have parents. There are 2 different stories. In this article, you will learn all about the Goddess of Love and Beauty.

Interview With Aphrodite

The Scoop

An exclusive view at my meeting with Aphrodite. This can't be found anywhere eles!

Us: Hello Aphrodite, I’m here to ask you a few questions.

Aphrodite: Thank you for having me here.

Us: Was your trip ok?

Aphrodite: Not at all! My husband kept on messaging me, and the pegasus went crazy every time he did!

Us: How is your relationship with him? He seems to be very clingy. Is he? Who is he?

Aphrodite: I am not in love with Hephaestus. We are having some problems.

Us: So if you don’t love Hephaestus who do you love?

Aphrodite: I’m in love with Ares. He loves me just as much.

Us: So, have you ever had any magical things in your possession?

Aphrodite: Yes. Hephaestus gave me a magical belt that made me irresistible. Not that I need it. I’m already irresistible, so I don’t appreciate it.

Us: Wow. So, what did Ares think when he found out about the belt?

Aphrodite: He didn’t find out. We were too in love.

Us: What did Hephaestus think of the two of you in love?

Aphrodite: He would complain about us to the other Gods.

Us: What did the other Gods think?

Aphrodite: They were just like “Well, why did you give Aphrodite the belt?”

Us: Wow. He’s very jealous. How were you born?

Aphrodite: There are two different theories.

Us: Could you possibly tell them to us?

Aphrodite: Oh, of course. One is that my parents are Zeus and Dione. The other is that I just rose up from the sea and I’m a God because of the fact that everywhere I walk flowers grow.

Us: Which do you think actually happened?

Aphrodite: The one where I have parents of course!

Us: Can you prove that?

Aphrodite: Yes. Here are the paintings from when-

Us: What are your symbols?

Aphrodite: The dove, sparrow, swan, and myrtle.

Us: What is it like to be a goddess of... What are you the goddess of?

Aphrodite: I am the goddess of love and beauty. It is very romantic to be me, and I feel like I am a star because I am one.

Us: Oh wait, I just realized some people might not know what a myrtle is. Can you explain to us what it is?

Aphrodite: It’s a plant. Kind of like a bush with flowers on it.

Us: What do you do in Olympus for fun?

Aphrodite: We usually just work. Not much time for fun.

Us: What’s work for you?

Aphrodite: Mostly making people fall in love.

Us: Would you like to tell us about Olympus?

Aphrodite: Pillars. A LOT of pillars.

Us: Any last things you would like to say before we’re done?

Aphrodite: Don’t marry someone you don’t love.

Us: Bye!

Aphrodite: GoodBye.

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