Abolish Incessant Hair Brushing!

PSA propaganda assignment

Brush off the urge!

We are living with you in this ghetto. Yes, we, as in there are multiple people breathing and sitting in here. As your fellow neighbor, I want things to go along smoothly between us. My decade of experience in public service, my tireless, commitment to the people of this community, and my willingness to reach across the aisle and cooperate with the opposition makes me the ideal person to speak for the general public. As a righteous human being, I am qualified to tell you the conflict that's been brewing.

Please consider this before you take out your hair brush: People here are upset since they've been coerced to move away from their lovely homes. And your continual brushing isn't making the situation any better. In fact, it's making it a lot worse. People who are bald feel even more unhappy about the fact that you have a head full of hair. So, would you like it if someone was leaving a bundle of hair everywhere? Don't be the person that causes us to suffer more than we should-you don't want to be the burden of the community, do you?

Furthermore, hair piles are very unsanitary (there's sebum in your hair!) . We'll be in contact with your hair day and night, spreading your unhygienic hair germs. Since your filthy hair will be everywhere, people will get it in their food, which is really bad. If we live here for the rest of our lives, your hair can accumulate into a massive hair ball inside of our stomach since hair is indigestible.

So, please do us all a favor and stop brushing your hair. Just halt your impulsion and simply cease your habit.