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We will be continuing our "Snack Bar" reward program. The students love the process of being an "Employee of the classroom." They are paid on Friday's, in tiger tokens. The tokens can be used for many different things in the classroom. (Including the ever popular SNACK BAR)

Donations to the SNACK BAR are APPRECIATED, & will help keep this incentive program alive for your kido. Last year was the 1st year I implemented this reward system, & because of its success, I have continued it this year. I try not to ask parents for "supplies," but the students would definitely be disappointed if I could no longer provide the rewards.

Items range in price, snack size items are 15 tiger tokens. Examples are: snack size crackers, goldfish, chips, cookies, etc. The candy is only 2 tiger tokens for each piece. I only buy small size pieces of candy. Examples are: jolly ranchers, dumb-dumb pops, peppermints, anything sour or chewy, smarties, etc..... They also love those juice popsicles, come unfrozen, that have to be put in the freezer. (Peanut product snacks are not allowed, due to allergies of others)

Items can be brought in anytime.

Your child is welcome to bring items to school, they may deliver in the morning and go straight to my room before 1st period. I will make sure they have a pass to 1st period.

I can also meet anyone after school, or during my 1st period conference time. (Just alert me to the day and time) Thank ya sweetly for everyone's support with our classroom "Reward Program!"

Things I see when the students are responsible for their own classroom job!