Fever N' Ague By Dominic

What is Malaria?

It can cause death and weakness. It can also cause a really high fever. A lot of times when you get malaria you are so weak that you can not do much.

How does someone get Malaria?

It is caused when mosquitoes fly around and bite into humans.It is also caused by blood parasites, which are transmitted by the mosquitoes.

What are the sings and symptoms of Malaria?

Fever and flue including shaking,chills. Headache pain is also a common symptom.

What parts of the world are most at risk of getting malaria?

There are several parts of the world that are malaria risk areas.China,Pakistan,and Afghanistan.The two biggest pats in the world are China,and India.

What are some ways to prevent malaria?

There are a couple ways to prevent malaria.One of those ways is to check where you are going, and check if it is a malaria risk area.Another way is to put a screen around your bed if you need it to prevent bugs from biting you.