3rd Grade December Update

Thank you to all who came in for conferences:)

ELA - Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking

We are finishing theme 2, Together We Can. That means it is time for a theme test. Our test will be given December 11 and 12. Topics included are fact and opinion, main idea and details, reference sources (encyclopedia, thesaurus, dictionary and atlas), as well as, antonyms and synonyms. You can help your child by continuing to read with them each night, reviewing the practice book pages and discussing robust vocabulary each week.

As we talked about at conferences, our book report is due December 18th. Please help your child to finish reading his/her book and manage their time to complete the project.

Everyday Math

We are working on Chapter 4 of the Everyday Math program. Our focus is introduction to multiplication and division facts. We will be sending home a set of fact triangles for practice at home. By practicing just 10 minutes a night, your child can memorize their facts efficiently. Automaticy (knowing each fact in less than 3 seconds without use of fingers or manipulatives) is required for the easy facts 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10. Please utilize the various math websites that are also available to practice math facts. You will find many choices on our Student Wiki.


December 4th Social Studies Test.
Book report is Due December 18.
School sing along is December 23 @ 9:30
Our homework is updated weekly on our web page http://www.methacton.org//site/Default.aspx?PageID=10400
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