Biometric Engineer

By: Joey Damsell


Works full-time programming software to analyse body parts for security purposes. Often the work overtime to complete projects they have been assigned. Usually they work in groups so good communication skills are a must.
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Required training

During high school, prospective Biometric Engineers must take science and math courses in addition to computer programming classes. They must obtain a bachelors degree in Bio-Medical science to qualify. In addition, they should take engineering classes through out University.

Required skills

  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Mathematics
  • Listening

Work Environment and Salary

Biometric engineers work 9-5 for five days a week in offices, often inside cubicles. 100,000 - 155,000 dollars a year (Holy Cow).

Job Posting


Temporary Assignment: 15 Nov 2015 to 10 Apr 2016


* Perform system administration and database duties to keep the AABIS system and BCK components functioning properly across multiple platforms and computing environments.

* Assist in the instruction and training of Afghan technical personnel to perform system administration and database duties as required in keeping the AABIS system and BCK components functioning properly including coordination of these efforts with the Afghan MoI As required, the contractor supports actions such as:

* Maintaining user access control list, establish user accounts and assign user privileges

* Monitor system activity and report outages and anomalies as required per MOl SOPs.

* Document and analyze usage trends

* Install new software releases

* Coordinate with hardware and software vendors, government, network administrators, etc.

* Develop and maintain system administration manuals.

* Provide system support

* Maintain hardware and software associated with biometric system and Biometric Collection Kits

* Perform corrective maintenance

* Perform scheduled preventative maintenance

* Perform system life cycle as required

* Replace hardware failures from spare inventory within three days

* Perform system diagnostics and troubleshooting

* Account management tasking to include recording service activities

* Maintain and operate Power Management System

* Maintain and operate Storage Area Network

* Oversee all database operation, including database and system backup and recovery operations to include both onsite and off-site storage of system backups.

* Monitor and report on database integrity, usage patterns, and operation and growth rate

* Maintain and update data element dictionaries and database schema

* Coordinate with facility resources Equipment Room Planning for AABIS system to include AABIS Equipment Room Plan updates where required and facility modifications needed to Support AABIS operations.

* Maintain and update AABIS System Operations and Technical Data Package to reflect system database administration support.

* Other duties as identified by the Biometrics System Administrator's supervisor.


* Education: Twenty four (24) semester hours of course work that required the development of computer programs and systems and provide knowledge equivalent to a major in the computer field.

* Experience: Minimum of 10 years at the professional level with responsible duties including the following:

* Computer systems hardware, firmware, and/or software systems including the following: relational database structures and applications coding for Client Server based systems, networking, and distributive and process control systems

* Analysis of system requirements

* Electronics and computer systems integration

* Ability to implement user access levels through domain controls or equivalent.

* Ability to install, rebuild or reload operating systems (OS) across multiple platforms.

* Administering and troubleshooting Windows NT based systems, Linux and UNIX operating system platforms.

* Be eligible and willing to carry government issued firearms

* Must be able to meet the following physical demands:

* Government requirements for medical fitness

* Work approximately 12 hours per day, seven days a week for extended periods of time

* Attend pre-deployment training

* Lift 70 lbs. to a working height of 48 inches

* General office and laboratory duties/functions

* Be US citizen

Clearance: Able to obtain a US Secret Clearance (current Secret preferred)

Passport: Able to obtain US Passport (current Passport holder preferred)

Location: Ministry of Interior (MoI), Kabul, Afghanistan

Billeting Location: Q Kabul Hotel; Kabul, Afghanistan, with secure transportation to and from work location.
Ideal Innovations, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer:
All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or veteran status.

Ideal Innovations, Inc. is also a VEVRAA Federal Contractor.

*Post Date:* 9/4/2015

*Title:* Biometric Systems Administrator

*Employee Type:* Temporary/seasonal

*City:* Kabul

*Country:* Afghanistan

LocationUnited States, United States of America


CompanyIdeal Innovations, Inc.

ContactIdeal Innovations, Inc.


Posted Date9/9/2015 4:09:54 AM