Aborigene awareness poster

DidgeriDON'T forget them

They are people too!

People think that they are different, but we are all still people. No matter how we act or what we believe.

They are also a very old group of people

We need them because not only are they people, they might have knowledge from 4000 years ago, and they migrated from Asia when the land bridge from Australia and Asia where connected.

Their Culture

Their culture is very unique. They worship the spirits and believe that they created everything during a time called dreamtime.

Their Art

They believe that their art was created by the spirits that left them a story. They draw art that has a cool paterns. They also have unique symbols for everything important to them or their culture. Like a man would be a upside-down U and then an l. To me I think that they are really cool.

Their Music

The Aborigenes invented an instrument called the didgeridoo. It makes a low vibrating sound and is very hard to play. This is a very unique instrument

Their Stories

Their stories are very interesting and fun to listen to. They create the stories from the paintings that the spirits left them. One example would be the platypus tale and how they don't kill them.

The Stolen Generation

The Stolen Generation was a time where the Aborigines where discriminated by the English settlers. (It still happens though). The English wanted people to be half Aborigine and half English so that the next generation would become less Aborigine and more English. They put the children who were half Aborigine and half English in a orphanage to make them more "White".

These are few of the many reasons why we need to preserve their culture

There is only 2% of the Aborigine population than there was. We have to do something!