Ty Sandell, Hr 1

Come to the NEWEST territory and state-to-be in the United States!

With a population of 150000, Minnesota is a great place to come to start a business, along with the fact that the population has been increasing by FIVE TIMES THE SIZE every THREE YEARS! And, some towns, like the town of St. Anthony, ALREADY LOOK LIKE NEW ENGLAND VILLAGES! Also, there is lots of room for schools and universities, AND there are already many school teachers such as Harriet Bishop! And there is NO AGUE OR FEVER HERE, thanks to the cold and comfortable climate.


Along with its population, it is also very easy to get to the Territory of Minnesota. There are SIX main ways of transportation. Taking a canoe, steamboat, stagecoach, oxcart, train, or walking are all possible ways of transportation. Also, the Territory of Minnesota has lots of water, allowing for more fast and easy ways of transportation.

Money and land

Come to the Territory of Minnesota, where you can take these wild lands for LITTLE OR NO COST! Along with the low prices of these lands, the Territory of Minnesota is a place where NO BANKS EXIST, and THE RICH RESPECT THE POOR- WE ALL LABOR TOGETHER!