Andrew Jackson

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He ran the natives out!

Andrew Jackson forced thousands of natives off their land in Florida, and Georgia to go to Oklahoma. It took many months and a lot of them died. He went againced the national bank to do this because he was mad because they made him loose the previous election.

He is like a king!

Jackson thought that he had the power of a king even when he didnt. it makes him go from a normal guy to a rich snob! this is bad because he thinks he is higher than everybody else and that only his opinion matters.

Spoils System

Jackson decided to give his supporters jobs within the government. This was very bad because then the government would be run by inexperienced people which might ruin the government forever.

National Bank Political Cartoon

Andrew Jackson did not like the National Bank so when he became president he shut it down. But, it didn't stay like that for very long.

Alyssa Sturr