Moore Band! Let's go!

So your student is signed up for band!?

STEP ONE: Instrument Selection

Haven't completed your Instrument Selection Screening?
  • Families need to set up a time to find out what instrument fits them best.
  • To set up an instrument screening, email Ms. Yanniello at

Already completed your Instrument Selection screening?

  • Your child should have received a certificate celebrating their instrument while at school. If you don't know what instrument your child will play, please email Ms. Yanniello at
  • If you did not receive a certificate or the certificate was spelled incorrectly, please email Ms.Yanniello at

Good to go? Move to Step Two.

STEP TWO: Securing an Instrument

If your child plays the...

Reserve an instrument and kit as soon as possible. TO ORDER ONLINE - Go to and follow the steps on their site as follows. District “Celina” > Moore Middle School, then choose your instrument. "Used" will require less payments, and "New" will cost the same monthly but extends the payments into a longer contract. Order the kit with the rental. If you have a family instrument or found another way to get an instrument (Facebook, family, etc) you will still need to order a kit for your instrument.

Due to the expense of these instruments, Celina ISD provides them for students, so families will only be responsible for the accessories kit.
Reserve ONLY a kit as soon as possible. Kits can be purchased at The Band House. TO ORDER ONLINE - Go to and follow the steps on their site as follows. District “Celina” > Moore Middle School, then choose your instrument to reserved your accessories kit.

Please visit the provided link to the Bocal Majority store (separate email). Due to the expense of these instruments, Celina ISD provides them for students. Families are responsible for purchasing an accessories kit and attending the Bocal Majority Camp in Frisco. You will not need to come to the Instrument Drive on May 2.

PERCUSSION: Order the supply kit as listed. Renting a marimba is not necessary at this time.

Instrument and/or kit ordered?! Move to STEP THREE. :)

STEP THREE: Decide if you'd like to start Private Lessons in the Summer, in the Fall, or hold off.

There are a ton of reasons to utilize this program offered to Celina Band students.

Private Lessons are not required.

For Frequently Asked Questions about the Celina ISD Bands Private Lesson Program, click here:

Most of our Private Lessons Coaches will have availability to start your students over the Summer if your student would like a head start.

  • Communicate with the music store that you'll need early delivery to Celina High School.
  • Email the Private Lessons Coach for your child's instrument from this list: using the following information:
    Your child's name, grade, school, and the best way to get in contact with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Moore Band have a fee?

  • The short answer... no. We utilize fundraising and a school provided budget to make our program function.

Are there expenses involved?

  • Yes, families need to supply a kit/equipment and/or an instrument.

Will students be turned away due to cost?

  • No, please communicate with Ms. Yanniello if there is a money concern. All students will have access to learning.

Why reserve your rental and/or kit from The Band House?

  • They have a representative who visits the school (usually once a week) to deal with instrument concerns and purchases so you do not have to go to the store.

Should I wait and order later?

  • You should reserve an instrument AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Music stores fill orders in a first come first served basis.

Can my rental payment be used for upgrading to a nicer instrument later?

  • Yes, your rental payments made can be used for upgrading to a more advanced instrument later. We encourage this in 8th and 9th grade.

Does the music store provide repairs and maintenance?

  • The maintenance plan they offer allows for cleanings and less repair costs.

How does the music store know what my child needs?

  • The Band House specifically carries the appropriate models and accessories that the Celina Band Directors have requested. Other stores will not have this list.

Do music stores keep everything in stock all the time?

  • No, instruments can be harder to find, and are low in stock across the country, in July and especially August.

Can we just buy a cheap instrument from a place that sells diapers and changes my oil?

  • Instruments found online that look too good to be true probably are. They are VERY challenging to play and most music stores will either refuse to repair them or won't be able to because they can find parts for them. Please go through a reputable music store vendor.

Can we use an heirloom instrument or a used horn that our neighbor posted on Marketplace?

  • If you have an older instrument that has been used before, please have it evaluated BEFORE your child tries to play it.
  • Oftentimes, used, heirloom, or family instruments have been neglected and need extensive repair. (It would be like teaching someone to ride a bike with a flat tire.) Need assistance? Just email your band director Ms Yanniello and she'll take a look.