LAC-O Student Engagement Committee

November 2014-2015

NOTES from our November meeting

Important Reminders!

  • Our meeting on Wednesday, December 10th will be at the Summit
  • The Survey Sub-Committee suggested an earlier start time for Dec. Both groups will meet at 8:00am so that each group has more time for planning. 11:00am will be our end time.
  • Please bring resources, including professional learning opportunities!
  • Be thinking of educators who may facilitate sessions at our Effective Practices Conference!

Oakland County Effective Practices Conferences 2015

Preparations underway! We will be defining and recruiting facilitators for student engagement related sessions! stay tuned!

Professional Learning Opportunities!


Check out the LAC-O Student Engagement page for recent resources!

Formative Assessment with Doug Fisher: Presentation here

Social Justice

Student Voice

*Actively seeking practitioners supporting student voice with intention!

2014-2015 LAC-O Student Committee meeting dates

October 24, 2014 OS Room 245

November 12, 2014 OS Room 245

December 10, 2014 OS Summit Campus Room 126

January 20, 2015 OS Room 245

February 24, 2015 OS Summit Campus Room 126

March 10, 2015 OS Room 250

April 14, 2015 OS Room 250

May 12, 2015 OS Room 235

June 18, 2015 Retreat – 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

E.L. Johnson Nature Center (Bloomfield Schools)

3325 Franklin Road

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302