Pardoner Caught With Prostitute

Proves he is a fake

Pardoner Found Behind Canterbury Bar

Pardoner was found with a prostitute this Tuesday behind the Canterbury bar in a dark alley. How can a man who preaches against lust and greed be caught doing such a wicked sin. Witnesses say he fled the scene before they could get a hold of him. Relics fell out of the pardoners purse and they turned out to be fake just like the Pardoner himself. The prostitute told authorities where he went but she is a women so we decided not to believe her. If you have any information on the whereabouts of the Pardoner please contact authorities immediately.

Pardoner Last seen visiting wife of bath

The Pardoner was last seen visiting the Wife of Bath in prison. He was totally disguised in a brown wig witnesses saw him flee the jail and throw off the wig on to the ground.The Wife of Bath was recently charged with manslaughter. More about the jail visit can be found here...

Angry Mob Party

Sunday, April 7th 1382 at 5:15pm

Canterbury, United Kingdom

Canterbury, England

We will have food and drinks. Please bring your own pitch fork so we can hunt down and kill the pardoner. First we will meet at the church to eat and drink and when the sun goes down we will attack. We are tired of the Pardoners tricks and we will not allow him to take any more of our peoples money. Lets stop him in his tracks on his path of evil.

Story sent in from Canterbury citizen months ago warning us about the pardoner. Turns out he was right.

A Pardoner in the town was found telling stories to the people just to indulge on the money he receives from the people of our town of Canterbury. Found with a bag of fake relics and also claiming he has the veil of the virgin Mary which in fact is false. Tells stories of Men falling victim to greed to make you feel guilty so you will pay him money out of your pocket not so he can save your soul. If you come across him do not give him money whatsoever. He has long blonde hair and looks almost like a women because he struggles with his sexuality.He is not here to help you but only to steal your money. He is not working for Jesus he is working for the devil and preying on the gullible minds of Canterbury.
The Pardoner's Tale - animated

Here is are authorities are gonna catch him

Typical police "prostitution stings" in Reno and Tahoe