Where Would You Live?

Maine? New Hampshire? Canada?


1.Crime Rate:

Maine-1.23 violent crimes per 1,000 people

New Hampshire-1.88 violent crimes per 1,000 people

Canada-75 crimes per 100,000 people


Maine-5% sales tax, groceries and prescription drugs exempt

New Hampshire-0% sales tax, 9% at restaurants

Ontario, Canada-13% total tax rate, restaurants meals below $4 are exempt

3.Unemployment Rates

Maine- 6.2% December 2013

New Hampshire-5.5% January 2014

Ontario, Canada-7.9% December 2013

4.Median House Values

Maine- $234,069

New Hampshire- $207,300

Ontario, Canada- $298,500

5.Average Income

Maine-$45, 800, 2013-2014

New Hampshire-$37,422, between 2007-2011

Ontario,Canada- $46,124, as of 2010

6.Racial Makeup


95.3% White, 1.3% Black, 1.1% Asian 1.4% Hispanic/Latino

New Hampshire-

94.4% White, 1.4% Black, 2.4% Asian, 3% Hispanic/Latino

Toronto, Ontario, Canada-

61.5% White, 8.4% Black, 12% South Asian, 11.4% Chinese, 2.6% Latin American, 4.1% Filipino.


Maine- Coastal Zone Region;Moderate temperature year round annual mean temp 46 degrees, annual mean precipitation 45.7 in

New Hampshire- winters; long and cold, summers; short and cool, Concord has a daily mean of 46 degrees

Toronto, Ontario, Canada- Severe winters, warm summers, annual mean temp 46.6 degrees


Maine- 63.3% without religion/not counted in a religion, 283,024 Roman Catholics, highest count in religion

New Hampshire-431,259 counted in Roman Catholic, highest count in religion

Ontario, Canada- all religions practiced here, percentage of Catholics drop .9% each year, the amount of atheists, agnostics, and humanists increase each year.

9.Three Most Popular Sports

Maine-1. Soccer(Football)

New Hampshire-1. Hockey

Canada- 1. Hockey,


Maine- ocean, skiing, boating, fishing

New Hampshire-Skiing, hiking, ice fishing, whale watching

Ontario Canada- hiking, cycling, sailing, skiing

Why I Choose Maine

After researching these three places, Maine, New Hampshire, and Canada I have come to the conclusion that they are very similar. They all have cold winters, ad warm summers, skiing and hiking as common recreation, and low unemployment rates. However, looking at this I still choose Maine. Maine has a lower crime rate than New Hampshire, 1.23 violent crimes per 1,000 people apposed 1.88 violent crimes per 1,000 people. It also has lower sales tax compared to Ontario, Canada, Maine at 5% sales tax, exempting groceries and prescription drugs, Canada at 13%, restaurant meals below $4 exempt. Even though Maine is not superior in every way, it is in a few, and in some important ways. One of the main things I was looking at, besides crime rates, is climate. When I looked at statistics for annual average temperature for these places I found they all had the same, 46 degree Fahrenheit, including the warm summers and cold winters. All in all, these places were quite equal in any statistics I researched, but still I choose Maine. From the beginning, my main reason for the possibility of moving to this state is the ocean. I may not care for seafood, nor do I love to fish, but I love the ocean and its rainy weather. So, even if all of these stats pointed to Maine being a bad state to live in, I'd still want to go because of the ocean.