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Gilbert High School's Newsletter - September 2018

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Principal's Message

September 2018

Dear GHS Student and Parent(s):

It’s Homecoming Week 2018! Shout-out to our outstanding Student Council who have a host of activities planned for this week. See below for the calendar of events!

Kudos as well to Robert Ramos, our new Prevention Coordinator here at GHS. He has a host of activities coming up as well, including parent events here on campus. See below for details, as well!

This quarter I have been visiting with the Freshman English classes. I have been having great conversations with our newest Tigers and welcoming them to the GHS Family. We have spoken about our expectations here on our campus, we have discussed what they are looking forward to in high school as well as what their concerns are. It has been awesome getting to know them and letting them know how much I care about them and their success at GHS!

Homecoming will be our last big event, so to speak, before the end of the First Quarter. Fall Break will be upon us before we know it! In the meantime, I have been impressed as I make my way through classrooms and see students working hard, teachers guiding them and everyone giving their best. I have been impressed by the work ethics of our student-athletes, as well, whether kids in season now or those teams readying for their upcoming seasons!

As we push through the last few weeks before break, please make sure your student stays on top of their schoolwork and balances all of the time demands on them (whether they are involved in sports, performing arts, clubs, work, Scouts, and the like). The time management and stress-reduction skills they put down now will serve them well for the rest of their lives. One tip I am especially fond of: if your student is not using a planner, encourage them to do so and model the behavior at home. It can take the form of the physical planner we provided a few weeks ago to all students or it could be Google Calendar on their Chromebook or phone. Either way, that’s a lifelong skill that will serve them well. As a fellow parent, it’s something my wife and I are working on with our own son and know how these skills can be difficult to instill!

Thank you everyone and have an awesome end of the First Quarter and then a restful and safe Fall Break!

Go Tigers!


Christopher Stroud


----- School News -----

Save the Date(s) for School Council!

School Council will be held once a month in the GHS HUB (formerly known as the Career Center) with Mr. Stroud. These are held on a Monday evening from 5pm to 6pm. Our membership includes two student positions, three “official” parent positions, three faculty members, one staff position and one member of the business community. Our schedule for the 18-19 school year is:

Monday, September 17, 2018, 5 – 6pm

Monday, October 29, 2018, 5 – 6pm

Monday, November 19, 2018, 5 – 6pm

Monday, January 14, 2019, 5 – 6pm

Monday, February 25, 2019, 5 – 6pm

Monday, April 1, 2019, 5 – 6pm

Monday, April 29, 2019, 5 – 6pm

All are welcome to come and participate! Remember that all School Council meetings will be held in our HUB up in the front office. Join us as we discuss and tackle pertinent and timely issues of interest to students, parents, and faculty and staff. We always have awesome treats made by our wonderful Culinary students under the direction of Mrs. Hinton! Coffee will be served, as well!


Gilbert Public Schools District 18-19 Calendar

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GHS Bell Schedules

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Vaping Information

As vaping has increased exponentially across the country amongst adults and teens, schools are dealing with the behavior, as well. GHS is not immune to these social pressures and we have consequenced a number of students for this behavior. These devices and their use are NOT ALLOWED on our campus.

Many do not know the side effects for this use, and schools are having to deal with the associated negative behaviors that users manifest (sneaking use in bathrooms, etc.). As parents navigate this new world, here are some resources to help.
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Parent Corner

In this section, I will provide interesting parent article to help our teens navigate our 21st Century world. As I come across articles that I think can help my family, I will be sure to post them here for yours, as well. -Mr. Stroud


PSAT Information!

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Link for the GHS Parent Calendar


Dress Code Reminders

Please stress to your student the importance of dressing for success and to be dressed appropriate for school. The weather of course is still very warm and will be for some time, but we need to make sure we are not dressing for the summer while here on campus. Please refer to the District Student Handbook for guidance, and reach out to the GHS Administration Team if you have any further questions.

Mrs. Gonzales, 480.497.0177, x184

12th grade, 9th grade H-N

Mr. Haasch, 480.497.0177, x169

11th grade, 9th grade A-G

Mr. Yanez, 480.497.0177, x156

10th grade, 9th grade O-Z

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Parking Lot Procedures

Parents, please remember to use the parent drop-off loop in the morning and after school. Please do not drop off or pick up in the faculty lot on the west side of campus as this is used by students who walk and for bus transportation purposes. For everyone’s safety, please use the loop between campus and Elliot Road just north of the building.

As a note of caution to all of our campus community, please know that Gilbert Police will at some point do a traffic enforcement sweep on Elliot Road. We ask everyone to always drive safe and practice patience.

We appreciate everyone’s commitment to the safety of our students!

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2018 Homecoming Week Activities!

Please see below for the awesome activities this week for our 2018 Homecoming Week!
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Staff Spotlight

Ms. Ginny Lara, GHS ESAP Teacher

Each month, we'd like to introduce a staff member who is new to our campus community! This month let's give a warm Tiger welcome to Ms. Ginny Lara!

Hello GHS Family!

My name is Virginia Lara but I go by Ginny. A little about myself, I am born n’ raised in the PHX and recently moved out this way with in order to be closer to family. I get to be the mom of a beautiful tiny human, Jimmy James (17 months) and am so grateful! Another hat that I wear is as the Vice President of a the Combat Dolls, a Non-Profit organization that focuses on the military community, their families, and the other organizations who support them. I encourage you to check us out by visiting the Combat Dolls website and/or facebook page.

As far as schooling, I am an NAU graduate and have been teaching in the Special Education setting for 4 EXCITING years. I have known since I was in grade school that I wanted to be an educator, as I have had a handful of teachers that have inspired me and really enjoyed watching the light bulbs go off above my classmates heads. The challenge, organization, creativity, and differentiation in each day are things that I enjoy immensely about this profession.

This year at GHS I look forward to meeting new people and finding out all that I know this district has to offer the community. I plan on being a part of the Tiger Family for many years to come and am excited I have found a place to call home. Honestly, I have always been at the high school level and truly enjoy working with the ESAP culture and this particular age range. I find it to be extremely rewarding to be able to have an impact on young adults in order to help them become productive members of society.

Advice for LIfe: Set GOALS! Small ones, achievable ones, silly ones, personal ones, healthy ones….Feel good and proud of yourself after each accomplishment! You have this awesome power and that is the power of CHOICE. You choose your mindset. If you want to feel a different way, choose to change it. Set GOALS.

Just an FYI: Please communicate with our team if there any questions/comments/concerns regarding any ESAP kiddos! The more we communicate the better all involved will be able be maintain positive relationships/mindsets.

Looking forward to a great year!


Ginny Lara

ESAP Teacher

Thank you Ms. Lara!


Reminder for "Opt In" for Emergency Communication

Remember to opt-in for SMS messages in the event of an emergency on campus. Please note that GHS will only use the SMS feature to communicate with you in the event of an emergency. Thank you for your assistance in this matter!
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Student Handbooks

Student handbooks are available from the district website at (Please note that these haven't been updated as of June - watch this space and we'll let you know once the new ones are live).

This handbook outlines our procedures, activities, rules, etc. Please be sure you and your student take time to review these important guidelines to ensure your student’s success at Gilbert High School. Please take the time to review the attached student dress code policy; it is important for our students and parents to understand the expectations of the dress code before they start purchasing new clothes for the new school year.


Athletics Information

In order to try out for an athletic team at Gilbert High School, students must have completed the online athletic registration at The requirements include completion of the 2018-2019 Annual Pre-participation Physical Evaluation packet (which needs to be cleared and signed by a doctor); the Brain Book Concussion Course (for first-time high school sport enrollment); and online documents, e-signed by parent/guardian and student. Additionally, an athletic fee of $100.00 is required for each sport (due after try outs and before regular competition season starts). There may be additional fees required per sport. Ask the coach for further details.

Due to many year-round sports, we encourage parents to plan on the completion of the online registration and AIA physical forms before the school year starts, or as soon as possible. We also request this so there is no added delay in an athlete being able to participate in our interscholastic athletic programs. Please log on to to register your child. For any questions concerning Athletics, please contact our office at (480) 497-0177, ext. 169.



Girls' Volleyball


Boys' Golf

Girls' Golf

Swim & Dive

Cross Country




Boys' Basketball

Girls' Basketball

Boys' Soccer

Girls' Soccer




Boys' Volleyball

Track & Field

Boys' Tennis

Girls' Tennis




-----Department and Student News-----

National Arts Week Activities

Kudos to our outstanding GHS Visual Arts department. They put on some activities during lunch; see the pics below!
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Culinary News!

Culinary 3 classes learning advanced cooking techniques for career and technical jobs in their future. Well done, Tigers, and thank you Mrs. Hinton!

HERO Coop Class News

GHS HERO COOP class are using leadership skills to promote spirit chain class competition for Homecoming 2018. Funds used for students, scholarships and Christmas adopt-a-family!

Culinary Club!

Culinary club making caramel apples. Everyone is welcome. Next meeting is October 30, 2018 after school for Halloween treats.


World of Different Training

Wednesday, September 19th, GHS Freshmen students will have the opportunity to participate in a program called A World of Difference through their Lab Biology class. This is a program created by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) that has been purchased by Gilbert Public Schools. All five comprehensive high schools in Gilbert have this program on their campus. The purpose of this program is to help emphasize the importance of being respectful and kind to all people. In today’s ever-changing and diverse world, our students need to learn how to interact positively with, and be respectful of all people so they can be successful after they graduate from our schools. A World of Difference does not teach anyone what they should think or believe; the purpose behind the program is to help create a community where all students are treated with dignity and where they feel safe, able to learn, and able to be their best self!

The ADL and the site coordinators train 10th through 12th grade students to be Peer Trainers and then those Peer Trainers facilitate the activities with the 9th graders in their Lab Biology classes, with the classroom teacher present. The Peer Trainers visit these classes six times over the course of the first semester beginning September 19th. Due to this fantastic program, Gilbert High School has

Been designated an ADL No Place for Hate School for the past 5 years.


Photography News!

We have some awesome photography students at GHS!

I'd like to extend an opportunity to everyone (parents and anyone related to GHS) to invite our awesome students to take photographs at any (high school student appropriate) cultural event in the Gilbert or Phoenix area.

These photos may appear in the 2019 yearbook, so we prefer candid photos at the events or activities, especially where GHS students might be participants. I will try to send two paparazzi with cameras in hand; they'll have GHS Press Passes. Just let me know what hour(s) and day(s) you'd like students to attend!


Mr. Graham

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Mindfulness Group

Students develop their intelligence in school and strengthen their bodies though sports or exercise. Now they can develop and strengthen their minds through the Mindfulness Small Group that will be offered in the Counseling Department starting in September.
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Tiger Yearbook Information!

Retakes or new photos for absent and new students for all grades, 9-12, are Sept 27 from 7 am to 1 pm, in the ensemble room in the hallway to the right of the auditorium across from athletics. Questions? Please see Mrs. Fluegel in room 1314 or email


Tiger Town!

Tiger Town 2018 is scheduled for October 26th, 27th and 28th. This will be Gilbert High School's 19th Tiger Town event. All are welcome!

Tiger Town invites selected students from across the campus to encourage self-understanding and appreciation of family, school and the community. Students who attend Tiger Town learn to better understand themselves and others as they experience the rich diversity of the many cultural, ethnic, religious and socio-economic backgrounds represented at Gilbert High School. Tiger Town provides a unique environment for exchanging ideas and increasing communication among students of all walks of life.

October 26th, 27th and 28th

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