Are you ready for Wellness?

New doTERRA wellness program launch

We are in the last weeks of 2020

It's been quite a year hasn't it? A little bitter sweet, not quite sure if I'm ready for the end of the year coming at a rapid pace, but I know ths, I'm ready for an amazing finish and an even better 2021! The engines are racing and momentum is off and running.

How about you? Please send me a quick text or email and let me know what you're thinking about the final three months of this year and next.

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I've got a lot to share in this newsletter and I didn't want to take too much time on a story. Convention was (as always) fantastic. We didn't have the energy of the convention hall with 34,000 others, but I will tell you doTERRA is changing the world. On how we look at wellness and how we service others.

If you are a humanitarian would you like to go on a co-impacting sourcing trip? Or is Leadership more your style, like Nashville, TN and the Grand Ole Opry. That's where I'm heading in March.... wanna come along? Look deep into this newsletter and those to follow in the coming months. Let's plan a time in Tennesse.

So let's get on with the roll out.

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If you didn't take advantage of the great savings with the convention kit, you can begin a new season

Wellness Program

This is an all new program designed for simplicity for you our Customers and Advocates. Have you been perplexed on what oils to use for what? This program is designed to allow you the opportunity to try the items you've been curious about without getting the full size. Try before you buy is our motto and doTERRA design teams have made it possible.

This is a 90 day program, you sign up and forget about it. You will want to set your calendar to check in 90 days however, because it will revert to the first kt. You get a different kit centered around the item you choose. Check it out below.




What we do is what we believe. We believe that every body has the power to heal itself, given the right tools. We help burnt out execs, hard working people in the trades live a life with more vitality, better health and lead a purposeful life with time and financial freedom.
Immunity Wellness Program