Kasey Schlerf


•Found in Italy,

•discovered by Martin Klaproth in 1789 at Germany

•Named the element for the planet Uranus

•First isolated in 1841

•Gives yellow and green colors when included to glass

•radioactive nature of uranium was not used for 55 more years


•nuclear explosive

•nuclear fuel

•photographic toner


•metallic grey


•238.03 for the atomic weight

Biology and geology

Biology( in humans):

  • 1 ppb by weight

  • 0.03 atoms

Geology(in the universe):

•0.2 ppb weight

•0.001 ppb weight ( parts per billion)

Properties and interseting facts


*92 electrons

*Melting point is 2070 °F

*Boiling point is 7101 °F

*92 electrons

* solid at 298 K

Interesting facts:

* Uranium gives interesting yellow and green colours and fluorescence effects when included to glass

* Used for nuclear weapons

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