Military Marines

Logan Maggard

What does someone do in this profession?

The infantry is the main land combat force of the military. In peacetime, the infantry's role is to stay ready to defend our country. In combat, the role of the infantry is to capture or destroy enemy ground forces and repel enemy attacks. Infantrymen operate weapons and equipment to engage and destroy enemy ground forces.

Working Conditions

Because infantrymen must be prepared to go anywhere in the world they are needed, they work and train in all climates and weather conditions. During training exercises, as in real combat, infantrymen work, eat, and sleep outdoors. Most of the time, however, they work on military bases. Services offering this occupation: Army, Marine Corps, and Navy. This position is for enlisted personnel.

Physical Demands

The physical demands rating indicates the relative physical work requirements of a soldier to perform the MOS in a combat environment. The rating is the result of a physical demands analysis that assesses in detail the physical work requirements for every entry level MOS. The military enlistment physical strength capacity test, developed to classify each MOS according to work requirements as those requirements should be performed under combat conditions, is designed to assign soldiers to jobs for which they are physically qualified.