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Week ending June 5, 2020 (#12 virtual learning)

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It is amazing just how quickly the year has gone by. It's also been quite a year of "unexpecteds". A year of change and a year of uncertainty. Who knew coming into this year would have so many changes and new beginnings all at the same time. WELL, we did it. We made it through a year of great change. A new principal, a new pastor, new online classes with so much new and we did it! I am so very proud of you all for your commitment, dedication, perseverance and all around toughness during this unprecedented time. We are a PACK a pack of tigers. Saint Anna tigers! #partofthepack #leominsterma Although our classroom time is coming to an end for the year, our social and community ties and continue to grown and get stronger. We are planning on opening our doors in the fall. We are working closely with the Department of Health and Human Services , the Diocese of Worcester and the City of Leominster in keeping our students best interests and safety our first priority. Should any changes occur, we will keep you informed.

It is without a doubt that Saint Anna School continues to shine in the spotlight with superior academics, excellent teachers, fantastic parents and a great close knit community. We have been able to do this all the while we are virtual! What an amazing school!

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Get ready for a virtual field day!

St. Anna's Field Day (AT HOME) ~ From Mr. Farnsworth

Try one or as many of these as you can, depending on your equipment at home. If you can, have someone take a picture when you're doing them and send to Mrs. Piermarini. (


Events-Jump rope, jumping jacks, jump in line, jump the cone, jump on your trampoline (if you have one), Hopscotch


Run in place, Run around your house, run against your brother, sister, Mom, or Dad. If you have enough in your family, have a relay race (include all who can participate).


Set up a course (pathway), put objects in your path so you have to run around objects, jump or hop over objects, crawl under objects, you can also do a balance beam (piece of wood or jump rope). You can also do the bear crawl/crab walk, be creative!!! Have Fun!


Use a small ball and try to hit a tree, a bucket (any objects in your yard, NOT your brother or sister). If you have a bucket, try to get your ball into the bucket from different distances.


(if you have at least 4 people, 2 on a team) if you don't have 10 hoops, then use sidewalk chalk and make ten circles. Remember, you must hop into each circle. Not RUN! When you come together pay Rock,paper, scissors, winner continues, loser goes back to your line!

or (Not enough people)

"DANCE PARTY" ~ Take any song and make up a new dance routine for it!! Have fun!

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June 10 Zoom Award Ceremony

Pk-2 9a.m.

Wednesday 6/10 at 9am. Books and beyond recipients will also be announced as well.

Please sign into the zoom below:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 727 3677 1580
Password: 1PHg3z

Grades 3-5 Wednesday 6/10 at 10am. Books and beyond recipients will also be announced as well.

Please sign into the zoom below:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 741 4789 3223
Password: 8uBKGg

Grades 6 &7 Wednesday 6/10 at 11a.m.

Books and beyond certificates will also be announced.

Join the zoom to see.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 729 4400 5109
Password: 9LrMfe

Cheer on your classmates!

(Not all students will receive an award)

Technology & School supply return day June 11 & 12.

Team uniform return, Chromebooks, Library books, teacher supplies & Pick up Field Day Tees

PK & 8th graders last day will be June 8th

8th Grade Graduation : June 10th 6 p.m. (limited seating per covid19 protocols)

6/11 for grades 1-3 and 6/12 for grades 4-8.

June 11th 9-3 p.m.

  • PK -Grade 3
  • chrome books
  • textbooks
  • and teacher supplies

June 12 from 9-3,
  • grades 4-8
  • chrome books
  • textbooks
  • teacher supplies.
  • Masks and gloves must be worn.
  • Thank you for your cooperation.

THE LAST DAY OF CLASSES K-7 is June 12th. For those needing to submit late/missing work, it may be submitted up until the 16th. Report cards will be distributed on 6/19 to allow extra time for those needing to submit missed/late work and for teachers to gather, record, and submit grades.

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Student registration * Tuition Invoices * Referral Incentive

With the end of this year in sight, we want you to know that we understand the sacrifices and balancing act that everyone has had to endure. We understand the financial burden placed on families and on our school and parish. We want you to know that we are strong, that we will continue to offer an exceptional academic environment whether in or out of the classroom. We will continue to grow as a close community because we are all committed to St. Anna. WE are planning on opening our doors in the fall and look forward to seeing you.

With only several days left to the school year, WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO AND ARE PLANNING ON COMING BACK TO THE BUILDING IN THE FALL. We look forward to being together again. There is a chance that it or part of it could be virtual. That the virus may come back one we begin or that we there will be limits as to how we come together? What changes can we expect? These are all questions that I know you are thinking about and I am too. Unfortunately at this point, it is unclear. We will continue to work with the Dept. of Health and Human Services, the Worcester Diocese and the City of Leominster to ensure safety for all.

No matter how it will look, we will still have our close knit community to connect to.

Tuition invoices and Financial Aid Awards will go out soon. For those wishing to receive 3%off by paying in full, the deadline for that has been extended until July 15th. For those of you facing hardship, please don't hesitate to contact myself or Fr. Carlos. We are happy to talk with you.

On behalf of the St. Anna community, we all look forward to seeing you next year.

Thank you for your continued commitment to our Faith and to our community.

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Eighth grade news!

Today our 8th graders were able to enjoy some time in reflection and prayer. Last week they were welcomed by faculty and staff at a SAS parade in their honor. This week they will gather together for graduation (w/in limited capacity). We are so very proud of our 8th graders! Our Eighth graders are excited for their adventure into high school. Continue to keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for our 8th grade dedications. We wish them the best as they begin their next journey on to high school.
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Nurses Corner - Important news and updates

We are all looking forward to coming together. We are keeping updated on best practices for our return to classes which will include added steps to hygiene and safety.

Keep informed and up to date as changes occur in the protection against COVID-19. These sites are updated regularly with the latest guidance regarding accurate data from the scientific community.

More information can be found at:

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

DPH (Department of Public Health) website

Current Updates 6/4 for COVID19: HERE

Reopening Massachusetts: HERE

If you have further questions please email :

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Saint Anna PTO...a wonderful group to be a part of

Saint Anna has a great PTO made up of great parents that lead the pack with enthusiasm, are energized and full of support for our great school. It is without a doubt that Saint Anna School continues to shine in the spotlight with superior academics, excellent teachers, fantastic parents and a great close knit community. We have been able to do this all the while we are virtual! What an amazing school!
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Stay connected with St. Anna Parish

Stay connected to Masses and More Online with Fr. Carlos

Masses will resume with guidelines on the 30th.

Visit the parish website at for more information.

St. Anna's is an Allergy Friendly School

Please keep in mind - as you plan snacks, birthday treats, and classroom parties - that St. Anna's is an Allergy Friendly School. Double-check with your students' teacher or room parent to ensure that we are creating a safe, inclusive environment for all students.
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School Calendar (click here) (Scroll to bottom of page)

Annual Calendar with School Days and Holiday/Vacation closings

Books and Beyond

Thank you to all that participated in The Books & Beyond Program.

Thank you to Mrs. Thomas and all the volunteers that have worked so hard in making this program a success, for making it so fun and enjoyable for all our students.

Special thank you to our classroom coordinators that gave of their time and energy in making this program such a success. A celebration will be planned.

Scholastic Book Fair~ Virtual and through the summer.

If looking for and needing some books.

Scholastic is having a virtual online book fair through the summer. and all schools are automatically signed up to participate, all we have to do is get the word out!

Come to Our Book Fair!

The school earns scholastic dollars for all the sales, just like we would with a regular fair. We use the money to fill teacher classroom wish lists and the library.

The fair ends September 4th.

Thank you to Mrs. Thomas for making this available.

A chance to connect with your community

Town Meeting .....

Get together, touch base, connect with the principal , see other parents in your class while building community.

THIS WEEK: Connect with all parents at our next PTO meeting 6/4 7:00 pm

Grade 8 Tuesday 6/16 5:30

Grade 6 &7 Tuesday/16 6:30

Grade 4,5 Wednesday 6/17 4:30

Grade 3,2 Wednesday 6/17 5:30

Grade K,1 Thursday 6/18 4:30

Grade Pk3 & Pk4 Thursday 6/18 3:30

Mark Your Calendar!

We are planning a regular opening for the fall.

Should the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services make any announcements, we will keep you posted.

It is our intent to keep everyone safe and healthy.


08-Pk and 8th graders last day of classes

10-8th Grade Graduation

10- Zoom Award ceremony

11 Grades PK-3 Drop off of Chromebooks, supplies and school texts

12 Grades 4-8 Drop off of Chromebooks, supplies, and school texts

12 Last day of virtual learning

12-16 Last chance to submit work in order to be calculated in your report card

19 Report Cards distributed for all

July/August- Enjoy, rest, relax, breathe, read some books and practice math facts



26 Meet & Greet *more info to follow

27 First day classes Grades 1-8


1-4 PK/K screening

2 PK Orientation 9-10 a.m.

K Orientation 10-11 a.m.

7 Labor Day-No School
8 PK & K Welcome Back

MAP Testing

9 Parent Back to School Night 6-8 p.m.

Map testing is an great tool that helps teachers to see the needs and proficiency of their students and adjust their plan to meet their needs. MAP testing will be scheduled the first several weeks once we return to school. We have all been away from the classroom and this will be a great tool to ensure that will allow us to meet our students where they are. This is an opportunity to allow our teachers and you our parents to see how our students are doing as we plan to meet our students needs this year.

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