Live Video Streaming

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Would you like to have your house under control at every moment and know what happens when you are not in?

Ulo is a surveillance camera that looks like an owl. It has two screens as eyes which let him comunicate with you through their expression and it has a high definition camera hiding in his peak. The camera turns on when the motion sensor detects someone or something moving.

Ulo works with the phone through WI-FI connection and it has different modes. To turn it on you have to touch his head once, to put it in alert mode you have to touch his head twice and when the phone is not connected to the WI-FI connection, Ulo records what it detects and it sends it to your email. You can see what happens in another room through live video streaming and it can take pictures.

It has night vision, it's waterproof and it works with every device: IOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, OS X, Windows 10 and Linux.

If you want one you can pre-order one in: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/vivienmuller/ulo?lang=en for 169€.

Ulo, una linda camara de vigilancia