Moppin Minute

January 18-22

Coming Up...

January 18: No School

January 19: Data & Instructional Meeting @ 3:30; Tier II Data to Nunan; Board Meeting @ 7pm

January 21: Tier II @ 7:30; District Administration Meeting

January 22: Writing Data DUE; PAYDAY


PDPs and Resources....

This week, I am providing you with several links for higher level and critical thinking questioning stems. In many cases, you have the questioning ability down pat, we just need to change our wording to bump up the level of questioning. If you would like to discuss questioning stems, catch up with me! I'd be happy to help!

Take note more recent education resources have broken Blooms down more and there are now (6) levels compared to (4) in the past.

An quick suggestion would be to print off some question stems, put them on a ring and carry them with you until you feel more comfortable with them.