Shingle style house

Makayla Parker


The shingle style house started appearing around 1880 and 1900's. They were often built on stone foundations and today they evoke a slow and romantic lifestyle. The houses were developed in New England and they were most popular in seaside resorts. Original shingle style houses are rare because few were built and many of those being summer homes, have since burned, or been demolished or radically altered. But the style's influence is apparent in late 19th century suburbs.


The Shingle Style was highly interpretive and imaginative, exhibiting a range of motifs from Old English to Georgian. The style is typically american in its wood construction typically blending into natural surroundings. The shingle style borrowed liberally from other Victorian Styles, for example its porches, shingles, and asymmetrical forms are from The Queen Anne Style.

Building materials:

- If there is a porch on the house they are usually shingled, stone, or simple wood columns.

- The wall and roof systems are usually a wood shingle.

- The roofs tend to be irregular, steeply pitched, and typically have cross gables.