By: Lauren Nanthathammiko

Who is she?

Zendaya started out her career as a model for several different brands and a backup dancer in many commercials. She then appeared on many Disney shows before she starred in her very own television show called "Shake it Up" and now plays K.C starring in one of Disney's #1 shows called "K.C Undercover". Zendaya also created the song "Replay" and recently collaborated with Chris Brown for the song "Something New".
She partnered up with Mattel who create a diversity in the Barbie doll collection after Febuary's Academy Awards show controversy. The 19 year old singer-actress arrived at the show wearing a white Vivienne Westwood gown accented with dreadlocks when former star of "Fashion Police" Giuliana Rancic said Zendaya looked like she smelled of weed and patchouli oil.
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Dear Zendaya,

I am your biggest fan and I just wanted you to know that everything you've done has inspired me greatly. Your two songs that you came out with were amazing even though so many people said you couldn't sing. It taught me that I should not listen to what other people say and just do what I love. Also, you're only 19 years old but you've done so much already, you created a shoe line, you worked with Mattel to create your own Barbie doll, you're an advocate to many charities, and more. With that you've inspired me to do great things in this world, it doesn't matter what age or sex. So keep doing what you're doing because your inspiring so many people and you don't even know it.


Your biggest fan


In Zendaya's 19 years of being alive she has already accomplished so many things. She has won many awards for her music, style and shows that she has made or been in. Not only does she star in "K.C Undercover" but she is also billed as co-producer. Zendaya had also starred in "Dancing with the Stars" season 16 when she made it to the finals. She has been known to vocalize her opinions whether it's against bullying, women's empowerment, or racial differences. Zendaya inspires to be a symbol of confidence to younger people.