Ways to +,-,x,/ for fractions

By Marty Hightower

Adding and subtracting fraction

  • First you look to see if you have common denominators. If you do skip the next bullet point.
  • If you don't than multiply the numerator and denominator to get the lowest common multiple.
  • Once you're done with that the add or subtract the numerator by the of thee numerator and add or subtract the denominator by the denominator.
  • Simplify it if you can.Now you get answer!!!

Multiplying fractions

  • First you line up the fractions
  • Then you multiply across( numerator to numerator, denominator to denominator)
  • Then you simplify if you can
  • Then you're done!
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Dividing fraction

  • First you change the second number to it's reciprocal
  • Then you multiply across
  • Then simplify
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Adding and subtracting decimals

  • First you line up your decimal points and place a zero in an empty place value if needed
  • Then you add or subtract like a regular number
  • Then you drop down the decimal
  • And you got an answer!
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