Japan Project


Japan consists of thousands of separate islands. Japan is located where several tectonic plates meet, which causes frequent earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes. Japan is surrounded by water and is isolated from other countries, making fish it's main source of food.


Japan had a lot of different rulers and empires over their history. Japan had a feudalistic government that lasted from 1185-1333. This time consisted of wars between different empires and the emperors would fight for more power. Emperors were in power from 660 BC to present day.


Shintoism is the largest religion in china. Shintoism is a polytheistic religion. Shinto followers are supposed to live in harmony and peaceful coexistence with both nature and other human beings. This has enabled Shinto to exist in harmony with other religious traditions.
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Feudalism was Japan's government from 1185-1333. Feudalism is a government which is ruled through the shogun. The shogun would hand out pieces of land in exchange for labor and loyalty. The shogun controls the empire through the daimyo which were the head of the samurai. The peasants would farm the land in exchange for protection.
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Current Events

Because of Japan resting on a region (area of tectonic plates), Japan had a very large earthquake in 2011. This has left the current emperor of japan, Akihito, Very worried. The emperor said that he hopes everyone could help each other to overcome these difficult times. Japan has many earthquakes a year and in this case had a massive 9.0, putting 450,000 people in temporary shelters.