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Eastlake Middle School 4.19.19

Dear Parents/Guardians and Community Members:

Welcome back! I hope you had a great break. Before you know it... it will be summer. There's a lot to do from here until to the end. Let's make sure we partner up and keep our students motivated to finish strong. There is plenty of information from this newsletter that I want you to review. There are repeat items from the last newsletter and I hope you take advantage of some unique opportunities. There is a great family workshop with keynote speaker Dr. Pedro Noguera offered by the district that I encourage you to plan for (see flyer below). I hope to see you soon at a school event


B. 8th Grade Registration (current 7th graders). Our registrar appreciates you doing the following...

* Complete the online registration. Go to this link. by now, you should received a mailer with your user name. Contact Laura McGough if you are having any issues (did not receive the email, flyer or have general concerns) at

*If you moved this past school year, please provide an updated residency affidavit (this can be found in the same link above) with new proof of residency.

C. Testing. Testing season is almost upon us. Your students will receive information about SBAC testing shortly. Students will be tested in English, math and science over several weeks in April and May. Contact Mr. Nafarrete with any questions.

D. New Classes. Returning Tritons should have picked their classes for next year. We will be working on our master schedule for shortly. We have new programs such as the Trident Team (for military families and others who might be interested) as well as Ukulele! Contact the counseling department with any questions.

E. Registration Help. Parents.... we can use your help. We are in the process of preparing for incoming 7th grade registration night. We want to avoid the long lines that you may have experienced. If you are available in the evening and interested in volunteering to help with registration, please email Dr. Chamberlin.

F. Promotion. Due to lack of credit recovery opportunities, for this year the Board will allow for a validation process whereas students who pass their second semester classes will receive credit for any past classes in that subject area(s) in which they did not pass. They will be allowed to participate in this year's ceremony. It's a great opportunity for our 8th grade students to buckle down and keep moving forward. We do not know the process for next year's class. I do have the right to review case by case situations that are unique. Please contact me with any concerns. (SEE FLYER BELOW)

We will have several meetings from now until June 5th about promotion. Our promotion will take place on June 5th at 5:00 PM at Otay Ranch High School. Attendance is limited by fire code and expect that each family will receive five tickets to the event. There will be a streaming video of the event. We are trying to secure shuttle services and creating special drop-off spots for Uber/Lyft. We will send more information home in the next few months.

There will also be several 8th grade events at the end of the year and school will still be open to 8th graders on the 6th and 7th.

G. Help (AP Testing ELH). If you have some time, ELH could use some help in administering AP exams. Please contact Johana Bielma ( if you are willing and able. Please note that you cannot proctor for a class you teach or a test that your own child will be taking.

-Tuesday, May 7th / Both morning & afternoon exams-all day

-Wednesday, May 8th/ morning exam 7:00-11:30 am

-Friday, May 10th /morning exam 7:00-11:30 am

-Monday, May 13th/ morning exam 7:00-11:30

-Tuesday, May 14th/Both morning & afternoon exams-all day

-Wednesday, May 15th / Both morning & afternoon exams-all day

-Thursday, May 16th/morning exam 7:00-11:30

-Friday, May 17th/ morning exam 7:00-11:30

H. SBAC Testing. Our students will be participating in testing from April 15 to May 17. During this testing window students will display proficiency in English, math and science (8th grade only). The test is a good evaluation of our student's abilities. We utilize the data to inform practices and support systems

I. Library and Tutoring. We are going to continue keeping our library open Monday through Thursday from 3:20 to 4:20. Tutoring will be provided on Wednesday and Thursday by our ELH tutoring program.

J. Lots Going On! Please see the calendar below for all of the great activities happening at our school site. Especially note the following...

  • April 23 - Eastlake HS 9th Grade Parent Orientation (6:00 ELH Pavilion)

K. SPECIAL NOTE for future Olympian 9th graders interested in ASB.

Hey Eagles,

Have you ever wanted to be a part of the behind-the-scenes life of Olympian High School? Interested in giving back to your school and having a bigger say on what events occur on our campus? Are you interested in business, event planning, marketing, art/publicity, athletic administration, technology/video making, or hosting events??? Do you want to be able to strengthen your leadership skills and gain experiences that would put you above the rest in your future endeavors? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then ASB has a place for you!!!

If you missed the meeting on Monday, don't worry, it's not too late! We have a mandatory informational meeting in the gym tomorrow during lunch, immediately after the sure to attend. I have also attached the letter that was handed out at Monday's meeting, along with some other background information about ASB. ASB Applications are now digital, so you can apply at: at any time. Be sure to pay attention to the deadlines! As always, if you have any questions, please let me know! ;)

L. Recognition. If you have a moment, please recognize our awesome teachers with the link below.

M. Student Concern? If you feel that your student might be a victim of bullying or your student knows of another student being bullied, please use this LINK to report your concerns and we will follow up.

We are lucky to have amazing parents and guardians at ELM. Keep shining and let us know what we can do to support your student.

Follow us on Twitter @EastLakeTritons!

As always, Go Tritons!

Spring Picture Day is April 22/23.

All pictures will be taken during PE Class periods on April 22/23. Students are expected to abide by all dress code guidelines as outlined in the student hand book. Also note that students will not be permitted to wear a hat while their picture is being taken.

*** There are a few parents who have notified us that they received emails asking them the "return the completed flyer to picture day". Please disregard this email as this is an automated message generated in past years and has not been turned off. All students who wish to take their picture will receive order forms after their pictures are taken.

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Official District Promotion Letter

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EEF Golf Tournament!

Please consider participating in the great event for the EEF. All monies collected go back to our students!

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Congratulations to Our Art Winners!

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Congratulations to Our Greater San Diego Science Fair Winner!

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Recognize an Awesome Triton Staff Member!

Please take the time to recognize our great staff. I will share your kind note as well as a small token of appreciation. Our staff loves good news!

How Can We Serve You Better?

Do you have concerns that you would like to share with the administration team? Please let us know.

Triton Trait of the Month (Resilience)


Resilience can be defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. We have all had major obstacles in our way to reaching our goals and dreams. Noted psychologist Angela Duckworth refers to resilience and the ability to bounce back as grit. She found in her studies that "One characteristic emerged as a significant predictor of success. And it wasn't social intelligence. It wasn't good looks, physical health, and it wasn't IQ. It was grit."

Resilience or grit can be taught to our students to apply to their school and life goals. Whenever we encounter a difficult situation or did not achieve what we expected, we need to learn to fail forward. In other words, What did we learn from this experience and how will we improve from this situation? Let's highlight those students who bounce back from adversity and show true grit to be the best version of themselves they can be.

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Week At A Glance

Monday, April 8

  • All students and Staff return from Spring Break (Block A Day, 3:15 Dismissal)
  • ELHS Counselor Presentations (US History Classes)
  • Mountain Bike Club Meeting (4:15 Salt Creek Park)

Tuesday, April 9

  • ELHS Counselor Presentations (US History Classes)
  • Dungeons & Dragons Club Meeting (3:15 Rm. 418)
  • Mountain Bike Club Meeting (4:15 Salt Creek Park)

  • Wednesday, April 10

    • 7th Grade Science Nature Walk (Rapp, Rowen, Niboli)
    • ELHS 9th Grade Registration/Course Selection (US History Classes, Pavilion)
    • OHS 9th Grade Registration/Course Selection (US History Classes, Library)
    • Art Club Meeting (3:15 Rm. 206)
    • Cyber Security Club Meeting (3:15 Rm. 312)

    Thursday, April 11

    • 7th Grade Science Nature Walk (Rapp, Rowen, Niboli)
    • ELHS 9th Grade Registration/Course Selection (US History Classes, Pavilion)
    • OHS 9th Grade Registration/Course Selection (US History Classes, Library)
    • ASB Lunch Activity: Lip Sync (Pavilion)
    • Robotics Team Practice (3:30 Rm. 604)
    • Talent Show (6:00 Pavilion)

    Friday, April 12

    • ELHS 9th Grade Registration/Course Selection (US History Classes, Pavilion)
    • Impact 7/8 Bible Study (Lunch Rm. 914)
    • Cyber Security Club Meeting (1:00 Rm. 312)
    • Robotics Team Practice (1:00 Rm. 604)
    • DLI Skills Test for Incoming 7th Graders (1:30 Rm. 717)

    Saturday, April 13

    • 7th Girls Volleyball vs. RDR (10:00 SOH)
    • Boys Volleyball vs. HTM (11:00 SOH)
    • 8th Girls Volleyball vs. BVM (12:00 SOH)
    • 8th Girls Volleyball vs. MOM (1:00 SOH)

    Down The Road

    • April 15-16, 24 - Compacted Math Test (3:30 Pavilion)
    • April 17 - Olympian HS 9th Grade Parent Orientation (6:00 OHS Multi Purpose Room)
    • April 17-18, May 1-2 Residency Verification Nights
    • April 22-23 Spring Pictures
    • April 23 - Eastlake HS 9th Grade Parent Orientation (6:00 ELH Pavilion)
    • April 22 - May 24 - CAASP Testing

    A Message from our Assistant Principals!

    Dr. Shannon Chamberlin and Mendel Nafarrete

    Let us know how we can serve you. We are to support your student and family. If you have questions about the school's programs or how to get additional help for your student, please contact us at your convenience.

    Please be aware that we will be utilizing an app called P3 so that students may report directly to the police station any concerns about possible violence, bullying or other areas of concern. It's an anonymous program.


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    Mission Statement

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    Core Beliefs

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    PTSO - We need your help!

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