Run For God Bible Study

Faith and Endurance....Yes You Can!!

Group Runs

We will have 3 group runs where those that want to, will meet and we will break off into groups and run/walk. For each one, we will meet at the city park in Spring Hill. The dates are:

Saturday, August 10 at 9am

Saturday, August 24 at 9am

Tuesday, September 17 at 7:30pm

The park is 3 blocks west of Webster Street at the intersection of Hale and Washington.

Prayer Requests

At the beginning of each class, we ask that you write down a prayer request on a slip of paper. It can be as vague (ex: Pray for the health of my family) or as specific as you want (Please pray that my sister, Jill, continues to recover) You can sign your name to it or not. At the end of class, we ask that you draw a prayer slip and during your workouts that week, pray for that request.


The cost of the books is $19. If you can, please reimburse HPC for this resource.

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