International space station

By hank boot

The international space station

The international space station is the most complicated space craft ever created the creation of it took 12 years. it is the size of two boeing 747s .it recyles 85 percent of its circles the earth every 90 minutes.

international space station measurments

module length-167.3 feet

truss length-357.5 feet

solar array length-239.4 feet


habitable volume-13,696 cubic feet

power generation- 84 kilowatts

who supported it

the international space station is a joint project of 16 countries belgium,brazil,canada,denmark,france,germany,italy,japan,netherlands,norway,

russia,spain,sweden,switzerland,united kingdom,united states.the two countries that did the most was united states and russia

the modules

there are 37 modules in total but each one has a different job. including the labs the bedrooms and the power core module

experiments done on station

they test hundreds of experiments every month. they take advantage of the micro gravity of outer space to test for health problems like cancer and other diseases and .they studied how they can stop bone lose in space .

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