1680 Videos

The following are videos to help with 1680. They will not teach the entire section but they should be helpful.

2.4 Limits from pictures

2.4 Limits as x goes to a number

2.4 Limits as x goes to infinity

2.5 One-sided limits

2.6 Def of derivative

Equation of the tangent line. Used in 2.6-3.5

3.2 Product rule

3.2. Quotient rule



NOTE: you do not need the max and min part. Just watch how to make the equations and then marginal means do the derivative.

3.5 Higher derivatives

Sign charts used in 4.1-4.3

4.1 Intervals of Increase/decrease; Local max/min

4.2 Intervals of Concavity and points of inflection

4.1-4.3 Pictures/graphing everything

4.4 Absolute Max/Min

5.4 e derivatives

5.5 Natural logs (ln) derivatives

Part 1-derivatives of ln (natural logs)


Part 2-Using ln to find a derivative


App.B L'hopitals Rule

6.1 Antiderivatives

6.2 U-substitution

6.5 Definite integrals u-sub

****Mistake on first problem. I left off the power when I went to plug in. Answer should be

5^6/12 - 4^6/12*****


6.6 Area between the curves

8.1 Functions of several variables

8.4 Method of least squares

8.6 Double integrals