Room 21 Newsletter

September 19th- September 23rd

Important Dates

September 19th -23rd Penny Wars

September 21st- Early Dismissal/ Back to School Night 6-8pm

September 26th- PTO Bake Sale/ PTO meeting 7pm

September 30th- Picture Day

New Topics


Focus Skill- Cause and Effect

Phonics Skill- Short "e" , "o", and "u"

We will read the story The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash to help us learn more about cause and effect.

Math- Using number patterns on an addition fact table, Count back on a number line to subtract, practice addition and subtraction fluency

Social Studies- compass and cardinal directions

Science-introducing weather


This week students who do not complete their homework will make up the work during their morning recess.

Reading log- Students should read 15 minutes each night and record the information on their reading log.

Spelling homework- Students are required to complete one tic tac toe choice on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday night is designated for studying the spelling words to prepare for Fridays spelling test.

Math homework- On Monday students will be taking a district assessment in writing and math. No math homework will be given on Monday.

Upcoming Tests

Spelling Test will be given on Friday September 23rd.