Gordes, France

By: Emily Williams

A little description

Gordes is a beautiful city. Most of the main town is on a huge hill. It is in southeastern France. Gordes has a Mediterranean climate which means it has dry summers and cool, damp winters. We are known as Americans but people in Gordes are known as Gordiens.

The La Maison d'Uzès Hotel.

The hotel La Maison d'Uzès looks amazing. The hotel has expensive rooms but it is worth the price. The rooms comes with a flat screen TV and an iPad. So after a long day of exploring the city you can come to the hotel and relax while watching TV. The hotel also has a spa witch would also be relaxing.

Webpage: http://www.booking.com/hotel/fr/la-maison-d-uza-s.en-us.html?aid=311088;label=la-maison-d-uza-s-xegWk38_y5IVKSxmFR3AkgS24980688363%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap1t1%3Aneg%3Afi%3Atikwd-43790468665%3Alp9017019%3Ali%3Adec%3Adm;sid=d261b6bbe6556ef510eef68b49cb2d61;dcid=4;checkin=2016-06-05;checkout=2016-06-06;dist=0;group_adults=1;group_children=0;no_rooms=1;room1=A;sb_price_type=total;srfid=b3653618eee4890acb670cb19ccbcf5a8c8047a8X1;type=total;ucfs=1&

L'Artégal - The perfect place to eat

All of the reviews say that the food is excellent. Paul Silvertant says, ''

Excellent food, central but quiet location." There is a star rating of the restaurant, it has a 4.6 rating. I Would like to go here because I the food in the pictures looks great. I also like the tables outside and the inside. and also a review said they treat you like family and the service is great.

Phone # : +33 4 90 72 02 54

Place: Place Du Chateau 84220 - Gordes

Webpage : http://www.restoclub.fr/restaurants/provence-alpes-cote-d-azur/vaucluse/84220/gordes/46584-restaurant-l-artegal-page-description.html

Gordes - The sight and some history!

Sight :As you can see with all of the lights lit up at night Gordes is very beautiful. With its old building walls it looks as if the building were apart of the nature. When it is day time you can clearly see the mountain view off in the distance. But when it is dark out it looks like water. Gordes is on a hill so a house is either side by side, over one other, or under another.

History :In 1301 in Gordes they built a castle. It was called in 1123 nobile catrum .The castle is now still heavily guarded. It is a very important piece of the Gordes history. It was the only one know near by the area.After the death of King René of Provence, the territory of Provence was incorporated in 1481 into the kingdom of France as a French royal province.

Information was found off of Wikipedia.

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Gordes, France

This is were Gordes is in France.

The People in the area.

The population in Gordes is 2,113. The most popular jobs are merchants, they are also known as artistes. there are also have a lot of politicians there.

Things I would like to do.

I Think that hiking in Gordes would be awesome. If you get to a top of a mountain or large hill you would get to look over the city and that would be very beautiful. you can also go to theaters and operas witch would sound beautiful in the French Language.