Forged By Fire

By: Sharon M. Draper Created By: Brianne R. Eklund

Summary on Forged By Fire

In summary of this book,

Gerald was born into an unloving environment, his mom would never be home and when she was she usually had someone over at there house. Gerald was abused as a child and one night his mom Monique left him home alone and he was only three years old and he accidentally started a fire and almost died. Since that night he had always lived with his Aunt Queen but she was really old and she died one day. So Gerald had to go live with his Mom and his Sister Angel and then her daddy Jordan. Jordan was very abusive but at that time Gerald didn't know. When Gerald found out what Jordan was doing to Angel, He went to his school to find someone to tell about what is going on. Gerald found someone and told them what exotically was going on and they called the police and sent Jordan to prison for nine years. Gerald and Angel had a good life since then until Jordan came back from prison, but a lot has changed about over the years, Gerald has gotten stronger and taller and more brave and Angel has change from a little girl to this beautiful young adult. Jordan was on his best behavior so he didn't have to back to jail until one very hot afternoon someone had stolen his air conditioner and he Slap Monique as hard as he could and he punched Gerald. Gerald and his family didn't call the police. A couple of months later Angel was home alone and she was cooking hot dogs. Jordan came into the apartment drunk and he was not in his right mind and he tried to do something that he hadn't done since he got put in prison. Gerald walk in on it but this time was different Gerald fought Jordan and Gerald called Jordan "stupid" because he didn't even notice that the apartment was on fire, then Jordan ran for it but he tripped and fell. Gerald got angel and carried her out until he tripped over something a fell but thankfully he hung on to Angel and they made it out alive but Jordan did not.

Author Information on Sharon M. Draper

Sharon M. Draper:

  • She is an American Children's Writer
  • She is an Professional Educator
  • She was born in August 21, 1948 in Cleveland, Ohio
  • She won the National Teacher Award
  • She was only one of the four in the country that got to speak at the National Book Festival Gala in Washington, D.C
  • Forged by fire, is the 1997 Coretta Scott King Award winner, as well as the winner of the ALA best Book Award and the Parent's Choice Award and the Indiana Young Hoosier Award.


Gerald in the beginning of the book was a little boy. In the middle of the book he was growing up to becoming a loving big brother towards Angel. At the end of the book Gerald was a strong young man who saved his sisters life.


Angel is Gerald's younger sister. When Angel was a little girl she was beginning abused but then the person that was abusing her, was arrested and she lived on with her life and she founded a love for dance.


Monique is the mother of Gerald and Angel. Monique doesn't really pay attention to her children as much as she does to her self. Monique always has to look perfect and she always has to be noticed by someone.


Jordan is an abusive guy. He gets angry really easily. Jordan is the one who got arrested for abusing his family. Jordan is married to Monique, but he is not the


Rob is Gerald's best friend, Rob also plays basketball and he was captain of the basketball team.

Aunt Queen

Aunt Queen was basically like Gerald's mother she took him in when he was three years old and then she died and Gerald had to go live with his birth mother. Also Aunt Queen was amazing at cooking especially around Christmas that was here favorite Holiday.


Mr. Washington was Robs dad. Mr. Washington was there for Gerald when he need to talk to someone about Jordan and what he does to him and his family. Mr. Washington helped Gerald and Angel through Jordan trail.


Tiger is Angels cat but also he is her best friend. Tiger helps Angel get through a lot of stuff. Tiger is always there for Angel even when she is not upset.