Plant Cell Analogy Project

By: Isabella Glenn



Cell Wall

Function: Like bones, the Cell Wall supports and protects the cell.

Analogy: In a restaurant the Cell Wall would be like the walls of the building.

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Cell Membrane

Function: the cell membrane controls what comes in and out of the cell through diffusion.

Analogy: The cell membrane would be like the doors, allowing and controlling who comes in.


Function: The Nucleus is in charge of directing and controlling the cell.

Analogy: It would be like the Manager or restaurateur, controlling and directing the restaurant.

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Function: Creates most of the energy the cell needs to work properly.

Analogy: In a restaurant this would be like the generator, or whatever powers the restaurant and gives it electricity and other things.

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Function: Jelly like, holds all the organelles in place, also making up most of the cell.

Analogy: The cytoplasm would act like the floor of the restaurant.

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Function: It stores the food and water required by the cell.

Analogy: The vacuoles would be like the storage closet, pantry, or fridge/freezer.

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Function: Captures energy from the sun and uses it for food.

Analogy: It would be like a solar panel supplying energy to the restaurant.

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Function: It breaks down the old cell parts and releases it so it can be used again.

Analogy: It would be like a janitor or clean-up crew.