AFL Jumpers

Technology in Sport

The Early Days

All old style footy jumpers made of sheep's wool with long sleeved, button up front,peak collar and designed with one or two team colored stripes, were very heavy and non flexible making it harder for players to stretch their arms up in the air.

Modern Days

After they stopped using wool they cut off the sleeves which allowed players to stretch their arms as much as they can and started using polyester which was a lot lighter and more flexible, they also started to put designs on them, but some teams kept the stripes.

Technological Advances

Things that have lead to these advances are that sports scientists found new materials to make the jumpers out of. The materials used to make these jumpers allows them to be made by robots. The two main technological advances are: no sleeves and they changed the material to a lighter and more breathing material.

Similarities from then and now

There aren't many similarities to the early day jumpers and current jumpers, the only thing that is similar which is still a bit different is the design on the t-shirts. some teams still use the 2 or 3 colored stripe but other teams also use pictures aswell.

The future of the AFL jumper

in my opinion i don't think that there are going to be any changes in jumpers in the foreseeable future. The only thing that will most probably change is the designs on the jumpers.