Bobby Knight

By Tyler

Bobby Knight

Bobby Knight loved to play basketball . This is why I think Bobby Knight wanted to be a basketball coach. He was interested in coaching at young age.

Early Life

Bobby Knight was a multisport athlete. He loved to play sports. Bobby Knight had a interest in coaching at an early age. When he was in high school he was a star basketball player at Orrville High School. Bobby Knight was on the varsity team and won 78 games an lost 6! Bobby Knight found himself in a reserved role at Ohio State University.
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Here are some things that Bobby Knight did to get famous.

He was a assistant basketball coach at Cuyohogo Falls High School in Ohio. Bobby Knight also was an assistant basketball at West Point. He lead his basketball players to a pair of twenty win seasons. Over the next six years Bobby Knight lead his team to four nit appearances. He won his first big ten league title in 1987. The Hoosiers won national titles in 1981 and 1987! Bobby Knight led United States team to gold medals at 1979 Pan America games!

Interesting facts

His father was a railroad man. His mother teaches at a school. Bobby Knight never received lower than a B.

An important event

He got fired from Indiana. He became Texas Techs head coach on March 2001. Bobby Knight tossed a chair across the court during a game against Purdue!


I think Bobby Knight was a good basketball coach. He did lots of things for the Indiana Hoosiers. I think he liked to coach the Indiana Hoosiers.