Peter Manuel

By: Jake Challenger Period 2 Dec 4th


Manuel was born in 1927 to Scottish parents. Peters family moved to Detroit Michigan before moving back to Britain in 1932, this. During his childhood he was bullied a lot for being different. Even when he was only 10 years old, he was known to the local police as a petty thief. At the age of sixteen, he committed a number of different sexual attacks that resulted in his serving nine years in the local prison. He had a lot of bad childhood characteristics like a bad attitude, beating up on other people, and threating people on a daily basis.


Peter had a number if motives for his killings. When he was a child he was bullied everyday for being different from everybody else. All of the bullying made Peter go to a dark place. It made him really mad where he had to go to anger management classes and he would threaten people as early as the age of 8.

Some of his victims. 8 victims in total these are big ones

Arrest trial and execution

Arrest, trial and execution

The police new in most of these deaths that Manuel was their number one suspect. Manuel was tried for murder in a sensational trial. In a weird turn of events, Manuel got rid of his lawyers and went on in the trial by himself which was probably not a good idea. He was later charged for all 8 of his murders. He was sentenced to the death penalty where he was hanged on July 11th, 1958 in England. His last words were "Turn up the radio and I’ll go quietly". This is just one example of his sick personality. This got a lot of news coverage in England and in Scotland. He was on the front page of most of the newspapers and one newspaper actually made a claim that they think that Manuel committed even more murders than he was convicted for.


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