The Red Cross (Global)

Clara Barton

What Clara Barton Has Done to Help the Community

  • The Red Cross lends a hand to people in emergencies.
  • Gives blood to children.
  • Helps people in dangerous disasters.
  • Provides emergency assistance.
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How Did it Help?

  • Helps give blood.
  • Gives money
  • Donates food
  • Gives assistance to those in need in times of disaster.

Background Information

  • Born December 25,1821.
  • Daughter of Captain Stephen and Sarah Barton.
  • Father was a respected farmer.
  • At age 11, her brother had a serious illness.
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What Can I do to Help?

I could start a program that helps and donates to people live on battle grounds,who are injured and hungry.I could also start a different program that is kind of like Heavenly Hats, but I would be giving hats to children with diseases that cause hair loss, raising money, and donating blood.I could also mow lawns,help carry groceries for my neighbors, and also, I might be able to pick up other peoples messes for them.