Marine Biologist

My Future Job!!!

Why I chose to be a Marine biologist.

I chose to be a Marine Biologist because I think that studying the ocean is really interesting. I also think that being able to study animals and where they go is really cool to. I picked this job because I knew I wouldn't want to be stuck in a boring office doing nothing but paper work. I want to do a job that is exciting and marine biology is exactly that.

What does a Marine Biologist do?

A Marine Biologist does a lot of interesting things. They can do things with animals like tag whales,or but a tracker on them, and then look on their equipment to see where they are in the ocean. You can study how pollution affects marine life, estimate population growth and life spans of different fish and you can do different experiments involving organisms in the ocean. You could do even more with Marine Biology. Some of these steps requires equipment that will help you succeed in what you are doing.

What branch of science does this job fall under?

This job falls under the “Life” branch of science. I think it falls under that category because life science has to do with living organisms, and animals. You study animals for this job and you study living organisms too. Plus, it wouldn't sound like it would fit in any other branch of science.


The minimum degree you can have to become a Marine biologist is a Bachelors. Most of the research positions actually require a higher degree. Some skills that are required are physics, math, statistics, computer systems, chemistry, marine biology itself, and oceanography.You also can’t be afraid of water and sea animals. You also have to be able to study things and observe.

Something interesting I found out about Marine biology

Something I found interesting about marine biology is that there is a piece of equipment that you can use to predict or figure out the life span of sea animals. I never would have thought about being able to predict the life of a sea animal, mostly because I thought you couldn’t. I've actually learned a lot of new things researching Marine Biology.

By: Camdyn King