Jungle News to Use

Mrs. Hochmeister's 4th Grade Classroom

An Elephant Always Remembers...

Spirit Day is every Friday. Wear your HFS gear!

Terrific Turkey Contest: Wednesday, November 20

School will not be in session Wednesday, November 27-29 for Thanksgiving break.

This week's verse...

John 1:9 If we confess our sins, God is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and cleans us from all unrighteousness.

What's Happening?

This Week:

Math: We will continue with long division concepts. We will take a quiz over division vocabulary and two/three digit dividends with 1 digit divisors on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday will be spent in math centers and extension activities including two digit divisors.

Reading: We will continue our read aloud, Wonder, this week. We will also be diving into non-fiction text features. I am beginning a new inferencing activity this week, as well. Students will be using their inferencing skills and schema to infer throughout the week and then be assessed each Friday. Lit Circles meet on Tuesday and Friday.

English: We will be beginning Chapter 3 this week.

Word Study: We are focusing on digraph blends sh, th, wh, and ph this week. The pretest is on Monday, and the test will be held on Friday.

Writer's Workshop: We are starting a non-fiction research report on an endangered animal of your child's choice. This is a great activity to coincide with our learning of non-fiction text features in reading. This will also sharpen our research skills!

*Terrific Turkey Brainstorming Lists are due Thursday!*

Science: We are completing two labs this week on our Earth's structures. Your child has a set of vocabulary flashcards that he/she should be working on memorizing the terms/definitions of throughout the week.

Indiana History: Mr. Lawson from the American Legion will be coming on Thursday to administer the flag testing to the 4th graders. Your child has a comic book about our country's flag that should be studied this week. I use the multiple choice portion of the test as a grade in Indiana History. The top boy and top girl from our class will be recognized at the end of the year awards. It is up to your child to study at home. We will not be devoting any more class time to preparing for this test.

Religion: verse to be memorized by Thursday