The Crucible

Fact and Fiction

Fiction: Parris Family

  • Mrs. Parris had been dead for years and the family consisted of Betty, Mr. Parris, Abigail, and Tituba.
  • Betty was present for the trials.
  • Mr. Parris claimed to be a graduate of Harvard.
  • Tituba was single and didn’t have family as a slave. Tituba confessed quickly.

Fact: Parris Family

  • Mrs. Paris was alive during the incident and died in 1969, four years after the incident. The Parris family consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Parris, Betty, Thomas, and Susannah; Abigail was only “kinfolk.”
  • After the trials began Betty was sent away.
  • Mr. Parris actually went to Harvard, but dropped out.
  • Tituba was actually an Indian woman who had a husband named John and a daughter named Violet. She was also tortured for a long time before she confessed.

Fiction: Proctor Family

  • John Proctor is young and is a farmer.
  • Elizabeth is his only wife.
  • John Proctor only has two young sons.
  • Mary Warren was 17 in the story
  • John and Abigail committed adultery. Abigail worked for the Proctors before Mary

Fact: Proctor Family

  • John is actually 60 and a tavern keeper.
  • Elizabeth is his third wife.
  • John has a daughter that is 15, a son that is 17, and another son that is 33 from a previous marriage.
  • Mary Warren is 20.
  • The adultery between Abigail and John is unlikely to occur as they lived far from each other and Abigail never worked for them.

The Crucible IN A NUTSHELL (Act 1)

The Crucible Debate

The events of the crucible are tragic, and many argue could have been prevented. Who do you feel is most responsible for the hysteria that causes the tragic events if the crucible.

  • One side argues for Abigail
  • One side argues for Reverend Hale