Library Paw Power

Panthers love to read!

What's New

There have been many upgrades to our library and I am very excited to finally be ready for you and our students. Technology is here to stay (but so are the physical books, so don't even joke about the day when they are all going to be replaced by ebooks!) and I have already recruited students from Mr. Robinson's class to work with me during lunches on some of the ideas I'd like to try (beginning with adding QR codes to several books linking them to book trailers and reviews).

Tech Tips

  • If you wish to show a Youtube video but don't want the students to be distracted by the other videos along the side or the comments below, simply type the word quiet before the word youtube in the address bar after you have selected the video.
  • Do you like the format of this newsletter? There are so many ways that you or your students can use it. See below for more information and to try it yourself!

Security -- Important!

Now that the Mac Lab and laptops are located in the library it is important that you DO NOT GIVE YOUR KEYS TO STUDENTS and ask them to pick up a print job. Although you may choose trustworthy kids for this, they rarely remember to lock the door behind them. I will be in the library a lot more this year but if the door is locked, they will need to come back later. Thank you for your understanding.