Unicorn Tang

I chose to research this organism because I liked the name


Kingdom: animalia

Phylem: chordata

Class: actinopterygii

Order: acanthuridae

Genus: naso

Species: N. unicornus

The closest relatives of the unicorn tang are all tangs, and the surgeonfish


Theyre mostly found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and the Red Sea. Some are found near Hawaii and Japan.

The niche of the unicorn tang is to be used as a cleanser and cleans off the parasites.

Since its small it has many predators like eels, sharks, and jellyfish.

Biome: coral reef

Human uses

Since the unicorn tangs niche is to clean off parasites humans use it to clean their fish tanks. Humans also like to have it in their fish tank since tangs are really bright in color.

The unicorn tang is not endangered.

Interesting Facts

  • The unicorn tang can grow up to the length of 27 inches
  • Require at least 250 gallons of water
  • Theyre herbivores
  • 80 different species
  • Have a horn like projection at the top of head