Andrew Jackson

The veto King

The Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears is the path the Cherokee Indians walked on to there new reserved land. They were forced to leave there old land by the cruel Andrew Jackson. The U.S. especially wanted this land because it was fertile and gold was found on it. Even after the Supreme Court ruled that the Cherokee was an independent country, Andrew Jackson still forced them out. They were promised many supplies and some wagons, but got nothing. They were forced to walk from present-day Georgia to Oklahoma, even the children and elderly had to walk. Many died on the way to the reservation hence the name The Trail of Tears.

The Nullification Crisis

Andrew Jackson passed a high tariff on imported goods that benefited the North but not the South. South Carolina tried to nullify the taxes by saying it was allowed by states rights and said it will secede if challenged. Andrew Jackson responded by saying he will send the U.S army against them if they don't pay there taxes.

The Closing of the National Bank

A bill was passed for the renewing of the National Bank. The president at that time was Andrew Jackson. Out of his own hate for the National Bank he vetoed the bill not thinking of how it would affect the people. He then illegally started redirecting money from the National Bank to many state banks.

The Veto King

Andrew Jackson vetoed the most bill out of all the presidents. He overused his presidential powers to do everything the way he liked it and didn't even think about the rest of the nation. This political cartoon show Andrew Jackson as a king stepping on the constitution. This picture describes very well because he uses his powers like a king and never checks if it is allowed by constitution.