Calling Kid Comedians

Get ready to laugh!

If you like silly stories, these nursery rhyme books are for you! Whether you love to read or are just trying to find the perfect book for you, you are sure to find something to make you laugh from this selection. Through comical retellings and colorful, creative illustrations, these nursery rhymes will make you think differently about the traditional characters you have read about before.

Let's Compare!

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Which version do you like better?

This book, Denslow's Mother Goose, from over 100 years ago, will help you to better understand the origin of the silly stories depicted in the three books above. This book includes most of the original versions of the nursery rhymes found in the modern books above, such as "Rain, Rain, Go Away" and "Jack and Jill." You can use the link above to read it as a PDF or an HTML on your computer!

Denslow, William Wallace. (1901). Denslow's Mother Goose : being the old familiar rhymes and jingles of Mother Goose. Illus. by Willam Wallace Denslow. New York : McClure, Phillips. p. 96. Retrieved from