Korsos Kids

Second Grade

As we wrap up 2015 and embark on an exciting 2016, We want to share with you some things that have happened and some things to look forward to in the future!

Science and Social Studies

During the month of November, we studied balancing and weighing. Our TCNJ student teachers did a great job teaching us.

We are now studying ancestry. We are having a great time learning about our ancestors and family traditions.


Math is fun! We've been adding 2-digit numbers and learning about regrouping. We're also becoming amazing problems solvers!

Reading and Language Arts

Our class loves to read and it shows! We have been working on our stamina and are NOW reading for 30 minutes without stopping! We are working on strategies while we read as well and we're building our vocabulary.


Please feel free to donate snacks...

Bob The Goofy Reindeer

Wednesday, Dec. 23rd, 10:15am


Come see our class performance of Bob The Goofy Reindeer. We have worked so hard for the last several weeks on putting together this awesome play about a reindeer who creates some silly trouble during the holiday season. Feel free to stay for some refreshment afterward at our class New Year's party!

Play: 10:15-10:35

Party: 10:40- 11:40