Third Grade News from Mrs. C

Nov. 2nd-6th

Tidbits From the Teacher

Hi Everyone-

The class survived a surprise substitute on Friday. It turns out that Viola Swamp is an approved RRISD sub and she was the class teacher all day. Luckily she let the class have their board and card game time since they had worked so hard and earned the privilege!!

We are starting a new nine weeks. Everyone is settled and working hard! Thank you for sending me those notes and emails when students will leave early. It helps me to have them ready and give work earlier if needed so they don't miss so much!

Round Rock Serving Center Field Trip

We had to change our location but the date stayed the same! We can take as many chaperones as want to go and it's closer to home.

Please fill out by Tuesday- Nov. 2nd

Field Trip Form

Upcoming Gardening PBL

We are about to begin PBL #2 and we need gardening tools! If your child wants to bring in a pair of gardening gloves, please send! We could always use hand tools but don't go buy them and spend a lot of money! PTA is helping us out but it never hurts to ask in case you have an extra trowel, fork, or such just collecting dust in the garage or on the backporch.

Dates to Remember

Nov. 3rd: Mrs. C at Math Conference (Mrs. Salman subs)

Nov. 5th: Field Trip to Round Rock Serving Center

Nov. 6th: School Wide Assembly to recognize our Veterans

Nov. 12th: Mrs. C at Team Planning Day (Mrs. Salman subs)

Nov. 19th: Mrs. C is absent (Mrs. Salman subs)

Nov. 23rd-Nov. 27th: Thanksgiving Vacation Week!!

What We're Studying and Learning...


Readers will continue to learn and analyze nonfiction text. We will be using current magazines to find and document nonfiction text features. Ask your child about the many different nonfiction text features they have learned about and have them locate them in your magazines and newspapers at home.


Writers will be working on transitions, introductory, and concluding paragraphs for an expository piece of writing. They will revise their work as they write and think they are done. Ask your child what transitions words he/she is using.


Mathematicians will be working on division and its relationship to multiplication. Students will be working a variety of problems to practice these skills. Ask your child what the fact family would be for a multiplication fact.

Social Studies-

Third grade is kicking off our garden PBL. We will introduce our driving question on Monday as well as clean out our garden beds. We will be doing different activities all week including a field trip (hopefully) on Thursday!

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