Wardy's Newspaper

29/08/1980 Stephanie Ward


Wednesday the 12th of August at around 2:30pm there was an accident in north of Claymore where there was a black van parked in the middle of the road on a twenty four feet high bridge and an on coming booze bus flying down the street hit the black van and the van went over the edge of the bridge and now there are four 16-19 year old's missing in the middle of Claymore Springs.

At the scene that the accident occurred i interviewed 16 year old, Drew Mathews. Drew said that he was just casually driving through Claymore planing on going to Macarthur Square for the day with his friends Rebecca, Bj, Tully and Taylor.

Just after they came out from McDonald's, Tully noticed a little toddler in the middle of the road. So Drew got out of the van to go talk to the little person and the little toddler claimed that something bad was about to happen.

But not until the booze bus came flying down the road did Drew notice that this was the d]bad thing that was about to happen. The bus hit the van instantly and the van went over the edge and landed in the Claymore Springs river. We have no idea if the four other passenger survived the accident or not but we hope they have.

We had the parents in the studio yesterday afternoon and I have interviewed them as well. Tully's Parents are frightened and hope that their daughter is ok and if Tully is reading this article that they love her.

Rebecca's Mum is very concerned and is offering an award of $1000 to the person/people that find her daughter and bring her home safe and sound.

Bj's parents are very upset and i don't blame them since there son has gone missing. His farther claimed that BJ wasn't supposed to be going out that day and stay home for his mothers birthday. Bj's mother was crying and could hardly say anything but she did say that she loves her boy very much and when he gets home he is in a lot of trouble.

Taylor's parents are very disappointed and emotional that their daughter has gone missing and that she snuck out when her parents said no to going out with friends.