Weekly News

October 8, 2015

Litearcy- This Week's Skills

Main Selection: Ten mile Day

Genre:Expository text

Paired Selection:Working on the Railroad

Genre:Online Sources

Comprehension Skills:Cause and Effect and Text Structure

Conventions: Common, Proper, and Collective Nouns

Spelling and Vocab for Next Week (October 16, 2015)

  1. antibiotic
  2. autobiography
  3. biography
  4. biologist
  5. biology
  6. biopsy
  7. biosphere
  8. macrobiotic diet
  9. neurobiology
  10. symbiosis

Challenger Field Trip

Friday, Nov. 6th, 8:45am-1:45pm

222 East Church Street

Woodstock, IL

Don't forget we need a sack lunch with a drink.

Martin School Store

Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 11-11:30am

10920 Reed Road

Lake in the Hills, IL

Dear Families,

The Martin School Store will be re-opening next Tuesday. Students can "shop" for some fun items during their lunch times. Please remember that a max amount a student can spend is $10. We will not break larger bills. Yes, we have had students bring in $100 bills, and they were turned away. I wish my parents sent me with a $100 :)

If you have a car rider...

The administration of Martin Elementary School wants to let the parents of students who are car riders know how grateful we are to the 97% of you who follow the safety rules we have put into place to keep our students safe in the parking lot of our school. You do a great job!

For a quick reminder we do have some car-rider drop off expectations for safety.

Please know that you really have two options: 1) wait in the parent car line or 2) park your car and walk your child to the cross walk.

  • Please do NOT to drive your child to the cross walk and let him or her out. There is just too much traffic, and it is not safe to do that.
  • Please do not cut through the parking spaces instead of following the car line to the exit.
  • In the afternoon when the school bus picks up students at the end of the car line, please do not pass the bus if the red lights are flashing and students are boarding the bus.

Our expectations are not meant to inconvenience you. They are meant to keep our students safe, and we really do appreciate your cooperation.