Baby Bonding

What can you do to help bond with your baby?

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Massage and Touch

When having a baby, you will want to hold and carry your baby around them house or a park, but your baby may not recognize your touch or your scent because babies do know their mothers heartbeat, but not their dads because they weren't inside their dad for nine months. what should new parents do to help their baby, we'll here is


When putting you baby to sleep, it's always a nice relaxing state and your main priority is to put your baby to sleep. the baby, well is getting relaxed and is hearing their mother or father's voice, which can be very soothing to them because hearing their parents voices can let them know that they are protected and safe from harm. Holding your baby close to you and letting them listen to your heartbeat. You should also be comfortable and relaxed because a tense person trying to put a baby to sleep will not work out so well. Here are some things that you should do to keep yourself and the baby ok when putting them to sleep.

1.) Be relaxed

A relaxed parent putting a crying baby to sleep is hard but it works because once the baby hears the heartbeat that they are very familiar with, they will relax in their parents arms and fall asleep

2.) Be cautious

Being cautious is important because you never know what the baby could be going through in their sleep or if something is wrong with them physically or mentally or emotionaly


No parent likes when their baby cries because then they know that something is wrong and it makes the parent feel upset. There are reasons on why the baby would be crying. Here are some thing,

1.) Your baby might be hungry

2.) Your baby might be going through things like something growing and it could cause the baby to be in slight pain (happens to newborn babies)

3.) Your baby may need their diaper changed

All these thing are what you can do with your baby and it can be a challenge but you do get used to it after doing all those things for so long. It is a hassle, but you are proud after doing so because then you made your baby happy and that will make you happy also.


Every parent wants to bond with their baby, but it can be hard. The right time to bond with your baby is when they are in what they the "Quiet Alert". Your baby is more focused and is looking around. No crying, nothing. Just watching you or something else. That's actually also a good time to feed your baby too because then they can learn what to do when they are with their mommy and that they need to feed because they are hungry. Some things that you can do with your baby are,

1.) Cuddle them close to you

2.) Let them hear you and your spouses heartbeat (so it can calm them down)

3.) Sing/ talk to the so they learn you voice

Attachment: Why is Bonding with Baby Important?

Why is Bonding With Baby Important? (VIDEO)

This video tells us how bonding with your baby is the most important thing because having a good relationship with your child in the future is most important (Link to video incase it doesn't work)






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